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Dating Success - How to Approach Beautiful Women

By Gerry Restrivera

Beautiful women are always the fantasies of men, not only those handsome men but even those average looking men. Figuring out how to approach beautiful women is something most men avoid due to fear of rejection. Contrary to what most men think that beautiful gorgeous women are just for nice looking men, the good news is that you can win a beautiful woman’s heart regardless of your looks, age, or bank account size if you know how to approach beautiful women.

Here are some tips on how to approach beautiful women to achieve dating success:

Do the first move. Don’t get intimidated that she’s too beautiful for you; most men avoid approaching beautiful women because they believe that approaching beautiful women is like answering hard puzzles or solving complicated mathematical equations. Men think that beautiful women are usually chased day and night by men for dates and decided not to ask her anymore for the fear of rejection and too much competition. When the truth is, most beautiful women, stay single because men are intimidated by them and there are not enough guys who have the courage to ask them out or make the first move. It rarely happens that women do the first move especially if she’s a beautiful gorgeous woman. Men should know how to approach beautiful women first.

Be natural and friendly. Don’t look too amazed and stutter when you talk, this is very important in learning how to approach beautiful women. Gorgeous beautiful women are not different from other women or from other people so treat her like a normal person. Being friendly with her will have the same effect as with most people, if you treat her with kindness and friendliness, they will respond on the same manner.

Initiate a conversation that will interest her. Most beautiful women think that men are interested because they are just amazingly beautiful so avoid mentioning about her appearance. Initiate a conversation that will interest her. It could be about a movie or music she likes or a hobby that you both have. Don’t be arrogant, act naturally and politely making her feel safe and respected. Smile and maintain eye contact during conversations and it will never show that you were having a hard time figuring out how to approach beautiful women like her.

Take things slowly. Do not rush things, remember that you were a stranger to her and you are on the “getting to know each other” stage. Do not stalk her or call her everyday that she feels annoyed and disturbed after establishing a good conversation with her. Yes she is an astonishingly attractive gorgeous woman, but still you have to keep your cool and act slowly but surely. Let her take her time to know you more and take your time to show your good intentions.

How to approach beautiful women could be a real challenge but if you really, really want to meet that gorgeous woman of your dreams and have her forever, it should not just be a dream. You could make it a reality if you learn the right way how to approach beautiful women.

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Transform Your Dating With These Sure-Fire Dating Tips

By Chris Green

Are all of your dating efforts yielding little in terms of results? Here's 5 essential steps to help you transform your dating so you can get together with the hot dates you really want!

Lose the urge to impress. If you feel you have to impress others with anything other than your personality, then you are communicating insecurity and it will be picked up on. It is also incredibly boring to talk about your wealth, car, job, achievements and the like as soon as you've met someone. Why? Because you're saying "I have no personality whatsoever and I'm clueless as how to communicate in a way that creates attraction. So I use things outside myself to hopefully impress you so you'll consider being with me." OK, there's nothing wrong with having those things but don't use them to impress. Impressing others with anything other than you could well have less than desirable consequences. And who wants to be with people who need impressing in this way? Let your personality do the impressing and you will get a better quality of date.

When you're going out dating, don't become obsessed with one person. Always maximize your chances by meeting as many dates as you can. The reason for this is very simple: not every date who says they'll call you will! So, be laid back and have a "this is a fun game" approach. If you meet someone and you exchange numbers, great, move on and do it again! If people don't call you or return your calls, never mind, you have other options. Don't get hung up about dating. Many people just want to meet one date and hope that this person will be the one. It's the equivalent of getting a hole in one with your first golf shot. Give yourself options by not limiting yourself to just one date and have fun!

Keep up your game and don't lose it before you've walked out to bat. If you look at someone to admire them, don't look away or go to pieces if they make eye contact with you. Meet their eyes with yours and without staring or looking like a stalker, don't break away before they do. Breaking away shows a lack of confidence and as you know, confidence is attraction magic. Instead, maintain eye contact. You can use this as a way of breaking the ice by accusing them of "eyeing you up like you're a Belgian chocolate" and asking them to apologize by buying you a drink! It's different, it's fun and it's attractive, try it!

Many experts bang on about clues to look for that tell you someone finds you attractive. They tell you to focus on: preening, playing with their hair, crossing their legs towards you, pointing feet in your direction, licking their lips - what an absolute load of nonsense. Forget this rubbish. If you want to get it on with someone, you select them and you create attraction with them by using your personality and your communication and by being different to the competition. If you wait for them to preen and point their feet towards you, you'll get nowhere. You want someone - make it happen and forget all about these silly attraction clues.

Don't listen to so-called experts who tell you to ask as many W questions (who, what, why, where, when etc.) as you can so you can find out what they're like so you can mould yourself to fit them. This is the WORST dating advice I've ever seen given, it is that bad. First, what on earth are you doing asking so many questions? You want to have fun not interview them! How lame is that? And as for moulding yourself so you can fit in with how others are because you like the look of them - no, no, no! Never ever do this, it communicates all of the wrong things about you and it is also deceitful. You are being someone you aren't, never a good thing, and you're obsessing about one person. Be relaxed, have fun, don't interview dates and never ever change yourself for anyone. Trust me, it isn't worth it.

Although these dating strategies are easy to apply, don't think they won't deliver. Each of them will help you enjoy greater dating success and when you combine all of them, the benefits are amplified. Give them a go and get dating!

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